Sunday, October 6, 2013

Are You Hungry for Change?

I know I am. Check out this video - if you have Netflix, it's on there. It is mind-blowing. I literally have watched this at least 10 times. It keeps me in line when I get out of line and BELIEVE ME, I get out of line.

This video can give you the perspective and insight that you need to make essential lifestyle changes. i am not perfect - I eat crap just like everyone else, but I have learned I can eat ANYthing I want - I just don't want to put that toxic "food-like" crap into my body. My kids won't touch fruits and vegetables. Why? Because I set a poor example. I am responsible for their health and well-being and still I made bad choice after bad choice right in front of them. I realize that it's never too late to make change and I am hungry for that change. (See what I did there) :)

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