Thursday, October 3, 2013

Presentation is Key

We all know oatmeal alone is so bland. It's something I have eaten all my life even as a child, only then it had about 5 teaspoons of sugar on top. As an adult I am still not immune to the blandness but try to find ways to make it tasty without breaking the calorie and sugar bank. First off, it has to be visually appealing. So, I sliced up my apples and just stuck em down in my oats.

Then, I just sprinkled a plentiful amount of Apple Pie Spice on top. It just looks fancy. Or maybe I am just easy to please ;) Clearly - this doesn't last once you dive in but I'd say te final product is still just as esthetically pleasing as it was delicious. Hope this helps with a quick breakfast suggestion. 

Here was how it added up in the My Fitness Pal App

At only 155 calories, this is a great start to the day and I was STUFFED! 

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