Saturday, November 30, 2013

Beachbody Coaching - Why it Makes Sense & Why I Signed Up

I am sure you are all familiar with P90X and Insanity workouts. The common thread between those workouts and many other successful and AWESOME home workout programs is that they are all created by Beachbody. I had seen the commercials, I had heard of them but my husband and I finally decided we wanted to give P90X a try. I mean, 90 days is simple right? Anyone can do a workout program for 90 days! We figured with the money back guarantee we couldn't go wrong. Now, here is the brutal honesty - we bought P90X in 2010 (for those of you following along at home, it is now 2013) We gave it an honest try (ok, no we didn't) and we LIKED the workouts but I just don't feel like we were at a point to really commit to it. Time went on, I starved myself for about a year and I lost TONS of weight. As a matter of fact I was the lightest I have EVER been! So, why am I writing this now? BECAUSE I GAINED IT ALL BACK AND THEN SOME. Starving doesn't work people. It may get you where you want for a little bit but I promise you this - IT'S COMING BACK! I started following the "fitness side" of Instagram a little more recently and I was really getting pumped by all of the fitness posts I have seen. I saw a girl with a Polar Heart Rate Monitor (The Pink FT4) and I logged onto Amazon and bought it immediately. I got it home and it sat in the box for probably 2 months (or in beachbody terms 2/3 of a completed workout program) I mean, I always had good intentions but we all know where good intentions get us... So, these damn P90X dvd's had been collecting dust under the TV and 2 months of walking and counting calories on My Fitness Pal hadn't gotten me ANYWHERE! I was sick of struggling. I had seen the results from P90X - I KNEW what Tony Horton was capable of. I said to hell with it and contacted the lady I had been IG stalking (who is now MY coach) I had seen her post about how she juices and she drinks Shakeology. Her results are AMAZING! I said, "I NEED THAT!" Shakeology had a BOTTOM OF THE BAG 30-day return policy so, what did I have to lose?! I spent about 20 minutes on the phone one night with Elyse (my coach) and she had spoken a little about coaching. I had already seen her posts about coaching and how she had just paid off her car with her coach income and to be honest, my husband and I were facing some dire straights. My daughter was about to start pre-school and this is $500/month we were adding to our already piling up monthly expenses.
Before I made any decisions I knew first and foremost that I wanted Elyse to be my coach. I logged onto Beachbody's website and signed up for a FREE MEMBERSHIP under Elyse's Team Beachbody page. I was delighted to see all of the things I had seen mentioned on the P90X video's - Chats, other beachbody users were actively using this site and the tools provided to realize their weight loss dreams and goals. The WOWY (Work Out With You) Gym was a great way for me to keep track of my workouts. Finally I just made the decision to sign myself up right then and there. It was a no-brainer really. As a Beachbody Coach I was able to receive 25% off my Shakeology and any fitness programs that they offer. Plus, TALK ABOUT ACCOUNTABILITY! Ummmm... I had just PUBLICLY declared my secret love of fitness. Fat chicks can dig fitness too... we just don't always do anything about it... Now, I HAD TO. It's also something I want to help people with. I have people that I love in my life that are overweight and I want to inspire them to join me. I want us all to change our lives together. I also needed some money so this was a no-brainer for me. I have already started seeing the results from doing P90X FAITHFULLY and drinking my Shakeology DAILY, so telling people about this is easy! People have been messaging me on Facebook asking what I am doing, people haven't seen me in a while say they are beginning to see the changes, my skin is CLEAR and dammit I FEEL GOOD! Once you start tasting the success in your efforts, motivation just falls right into place.
Easy. Do what I did. Sign up to have me as your coach and you will see all of the links right there on your Team Beachbody Home Page. There is a one time 39.99 start up fee, you will receive all of the basic tools that you need for starting your own business. Active military pay NO COACHING FEES ( No start-up and NO monthly fees) just send in your paperwork to waive all charges. Keep in mind that when you sign up and ONLY when you first sign up to coach you are allowed the option of purchasing a challenge pack which will waive the 39.99 fee. THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO GO - A Challenge Pack is a discounted way to purchase your fitness program AND your Shakeology. If you want the best results, you can't just work out and fill your body with junk. Also, if you like money, here is a great motivational kicker - With the Challenge Pack you are eligible to enter to win 500-1000 dollars on the team Beachbody website. Once you have signed up to coach from then on - it is $16.96 a month for coaching fees - this also includes your own beachbody website which is crucial to your business. You can then choose to be a "inactive" coach and just get the discount on your Shakeology and fitness programs, or you can take this business by the horns and run with it! THERE IS NO CAP AS TO WHAT YOU MAKE!
So, once you fall in love with Shakeology - this is you daily dose of dense nutrition people - think 5 trips to the salad bar but just one drink... You should just sign up to be a coach. If anything, just to save you money. Yes, there is a 16.96 monthly coaching fee, but you are saving 25% off your monthly bag of Shakeology, so You would only be paying $97.46 for Shakeology instead of $129.95 retail PLUS you have a chance to make that coaching fee back and then some by referring people to the products. This shouldn't be diffivcult because as people start noticing your results, they will ask what you are doing. These programs combined with Shakeology WORK PEOPLE! You can also help out your friends by giving them more for their money. When your friends order their Beachbody products through you (A Team Beachbody Coach) they get extras with their fitness programs. Like, P90X has bonus DVD's when ordered through a coach.
So, as you can see by, well, ME - You don't have to be in shape to be a Beachbody Coach. You can start out coaching at the very start of your fitness program and Challenge Pack. Before you know it, everyone is going to really start looking up to you and coming to you for help reaching their fitness goals. I LOVE it when people tag me in their IG photos of them at the gym. I love being a part of the reason they are getting up off the couch. I am even starting to get through my husbands thick skull and motivate him. He has decided to sign up to be my first beach body coach and start taking Shakeology daily and we are trying to decide which fitness program he wants. I love the page on my Beachbody website that helps narrow down the choices for my clients and friends who are just getting started.

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