Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Year, New You - Losing Weight In 2014

Sounds cheesy, right? I know. I seriously think that 2014 can be THE year for you, for me, and for tons of people out there struggling for the healthy lifestyle that they observe around them. It's really catching on. People are finally starting to get a little bit of a clue. We are finally hearing what we all should have known from the moment we graced this earth with our presence. There are a few things that I have encountered in my new lifestyle that were new concepts to me in 2013. I want to share these thoughts with you and let you go do your own research. I have heard these terms and I have done lots of research myself - I am no pro - and I am still learning but I would like for you all to look into these things and try to learn how these things can ENHANCE your healthy lifestyle in 2014.
KALE - Do you even eat Kale, bro? Seriously. I don't... but I juice it. Which brings me to my next item up for bid...
Juicing - Sounds like a stupid thing when you can just go buy some Capri Suns, right? WRONG WRONG FRIGGIN WRONG!!! Juicing can put fantastic nutritious foods into your body that may not otherwise be there. SERIOUSLY people, look into juicing. Watch Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead on Netflix and you will see why I say these things. Since I mentioned Capri Suns, that is the perfect lead into the next topic
HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP Seriously, this stuff is poison. It is the crappiest crap of all crap that you could be putting into your body. Check out this article and still... Do your own research. The most important thing I have learned is don't read one article and just believe it to be gospel. Question everything. Because everything you have ever thought is probably wrong. Speaking of research...
EATING CLEAN What does THIS MEAN???!!!! It is really SOOOOOOOO SIMPLE. It's actually so easy, a caveman could do it. Well, they had to, because LITTLE DEBBY DIDN'T EXIST AND NEITHER DID MCDONALDS! Watch these documentaries on Netflix - Hungry for Change and Food Matters I do not work for, get paid by, or am in any way affiliated with these documentaries but I give them credit for changing my life and bringing me where I am in my healthy lifestyle growth.
Super Foods - I am sure you have heard of a Super Food but WHAT IS IT??!! Well, there isn't just one. There are tons. Lots of them are delicious and can be added into your diet without you even noticing. I drink Shakeology, this is my daily dose of dense nutrition and it is chocked full of Super Foods. I made the decision to coach fitness this year after being introduced to Shakeology and it is also changing my life.

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