Monday, July 14, 2014

Black Bean Omelette

I used some leftovers from last night to make a hearty breakfast! 

2 Eggs 
1 large spoonful of leftover black beans 
1 grape tomato, chopped 
1 half avacado, chunked 
1t fresh minced parsley 
Spoonful of fresh salsa 
Ground Cumin, smokehouse ground black pepper and sea salt for flavor 

I just scrambled the eggs in a bowl while the skillet warmed up and chopped up my leftover half avacado from last night and my one grape tomato (I am trying to grow accustomed to eating tomatoes still.) Once the skillet was heated up, I added the eggs, the spoonful of leftover black beans from last night, and the tomato. After it had started bubbling, I just folded it over. Avacado on the side, parsley on top followed by salsa and a little sea salt. Super fast, easy, filling, and clean :) 

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