Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Lazy Veggie Prep Problems SOLVED!

Remember the struggle of pretty taco soup from last night?! Well, I expressed my struggles to my all-knowing, all-wise, mother-in-law. She reminded me of her chopping wizard and promptly retrieved it for me to borrow and see for myself. This product is a must-have from here on out! This is the wizard:

Meant for onion chopping but PERFECT for all kinds of healthy-kitchen cooking goodness. It has a square grid-like chopping platform that pushes the item of chopping preference through the grid and into a container which - get this - also has measurement capabilities! 

I didn't make dinner tonight but I had an itch to test this baby out. I bought some strawberries yesterday and I figured they were perfect for the test. Here is what I saw: 

That was an entire pint of organic Driscoll's Strawberries! 

Perfectly chopped and ready to eat as a snack or topping in just minutes. My main intentions for wanting this device is SALSA!!! She makes fresh, perfectly cubed salsa in just a manner of minutes! BRILLIANT!!! I am taking baby steps into this veggie eating lifestyle and this is just the ticket for getting things chopped up small enough but not pulverized by my foot processor. I'm super excited and HAD to share :) 

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