Monday, July 14, 2014

Pinterest's "Worlds Best Taco Soup" vs. Fit Coach April

I had originally thought about titling this entry "Taco Soup or Taco Poop, You Decide" but I felt that that was entirely too misleading. My title was based completely off of appearance of my final Taco Soup product and we all know it's not fair to judge a book by it's cover. So, if you go to my personal Pinterest page (I have one for my professional photography - that one is - and one that is just typical crap that chicks pin - that is the one I am referencing) I have started a new board called "On The Menu!" These are ones that I have committed to trying and have gone as far as purchasing the needed ingredients. Here is what I saw on Pinterest:

Her blog is called

 ... I have a fairly large garden this year and am damned determined to not waste any of my fresh produce and this recipe called for plenty of the things I have planted, although not all of them were ready. I had the onion and I had peppers. Not the same peppers that she called for exactly but as you will learn, I am the queen of recipe improvisation. I had to photograph my ingredients before I got started so that I wouldn't forget what I used. Typically I just throw shit together. This recipe was perfect for me because it just told you to brown your meat, sauté with your pepper and onion for a bit and then throw the rest in the pan. I can't even begin to tell you how much this is *my kind of recipe*... So here is how I started: 

Ignore the salsa and avacado because I completely forgot about adding them into the final product. Avacado wasn't in the original recipe but I thought it would make a nice addition as a topping and I will likely top my soup tomorrow with it. 

Now, here is what I did. I basically followed her instructions. The only difference is I don't like canned corn so I cut mine fresh off of a locally grown cob (mine aren't ready yet) and the same with her use of Rotel and tomato paste - I just stuck a few grape tomatoes (which was what I had on hand) in my food processor and made my "sauce" and diced about 5 grape tomatoes and that was my "Rotel" and I don't even know if I'm using these "quotes" right. 

Anyway... I digress. 

I got impatient after dicing half of my bell pepper, so half is diced and pretty and the other half got pulverized in my food processor. As I reminisce over this meal (that I just made in the last hour) I guess I can totally see how mine looked nothing like hers... You be the judge. 

Kinda looks like chili with corn in it and parsley on top. Which it also kinda tasted like. So, while it does indeed look a little "poopy" (here she goes with the quotes again) it really was pretty darn tasty. I may have sacrificed some prettiness but I'm glad I used less canned product. I have a very deep love/hate relationship with corn. While I love the taste, I'm sad that it holds zero nutritional value and isn't the vegetable I grew up thinking it was. It's actually a grain. Did you know that?! My brain couldn't even handle that info when I found it out. Plus, with all this high fructose corn syrup being the devil business, I find corn to be evil simply by association. The only way I can allow myself to eat it is if I grow it or if it's locally grown and I cut it off the cob or eat it directly off the cob. Call me crazy, call me weird, I don't care and it could likely be one of the nicest things I've ever been called. 

While I'm sure there is nothing wrong with canned tomato sauce or canned Rotel, I just had tomatoes so I wanted to use those rather than buy some canned crap and risk my fresh, organic ones go to waste.

 So, there you have it folks. I tried a healthy Pinterest recipe and was successful... at least, in my own opinion. Try it and let me know what you think! Keep in mind, I am probably the pickiest eater alive. I was 30 before I are salad and I still have to FORCE myself to eat it. I'm putting that mildly. I sometimes close my eyes while eating salad and pretend I'm not eating salad, JUST so I can eat salad. It's ridiculous. So, if you're afraid that a meal I am suggesting might be something a picky eater won't eat, think again ;) 

Thank you for reading and leave comments below if you have any questions or advice on how to eat salad. 

❤️ April 

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