Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Strawberry-Banana Avacado Smoothie

My main goal right now is not to let any of this organic produce that I am buying go to waste. I have a major reputation for wasting avacadoes (sp??) but, NO MORE!! I recently saw a post on IG from a girl who says she uses avacadoes in her smoothies and honestly, that idea had never occurred to me. So, as my half-used avacado called my name from the refrigerator, it was time for action.

I'm new to the smoothie scene even though I've been making Shakeology since October 2013. So, I figured I'd start with the two things I had on hand that always complement each other; Strawberries and Banana. All I did was add my half avacado to that and some yogurt that's been sitting in my fridge. 

I blended the fruit by itself, then added the yogurt. The Magic Bullet didn't seem to have the oomph to blend it the way I wanted (I could see the separation between the original blend and the yogurt-y mix) so, I added ice, stirred, and re-blended. That was just what I needed to get the MB to mix it all up. 

It has thick consistency and good flavor! I think we will call it a win! 

❤️ April 

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