Monday, July 21, 2014

Ways To Prepare Your Home-Grown Garden Vegetables

I really hadn't planned on blogging about this dish. I mostly wanted to use it for promoting my Free Clean Eating Challenge (email me for details on that btw if you're interested After eating it though Jason insisted that I write it down, so apparently it was good. I didn't measure anything so, in true April form, just wing it. I used a large box of Vegetable Stock and some handfuls of fresh green beans from my garden. I coined some mini carrot sticks and celery stalks that I got in a snack-pack at Whole Foods. I had MAYBE 1/4 cup of peas from the garden, so they went in too. I used half of a green pepper chopped up into super tiny chunks. I had half of a green onion so, I diced it up and in it went! I did add a pinch of sea salt, but I feel like it probably would have been fine without it. I also added some Cumin. This is one of my very favorite spices, and you will see that I use it often.  So, yeah, I don't know that I will ever be able to duplicate that precisely, BUT at least I can refer back to this to get a general idea of what I want to throw together. 💚

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