Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ideas For Practical Recycling

I will keep this short and simple because I in no way consider myself to be an expert on recycling or saving the Earth, but I feel like there are ways to get started and this was one of mine. I was actually inspired by going to holiday dinners as an adult and getting leftovers sent home with me in cottage cheese containers. I know it's not always safe to reheat food in those containers and it's not practical to keep them all, but there are some foods that I buy that have very reusable containers for the purposes that serve me and my family well!

I buy lots of beans and nuts in bulk and I noticed that these items just got pushed to the back of the pantry and I would forget that they were there. So, one day, after finishing a jar of PB2 powder, it hour to myself "self, this is a nice jar, I hate to just toss it..." I sat it aside until I came home with a back of bulk raw unsalted cashews and it's a habit that has stuck. These containers are PERFECT for my bulk cashews and I love the portability of them. Soon, I became excited about the use of my applesauce jars! Glass is even better and longer lasting so I keep all of those now for storage! Think past the kitchen too. The animal cracker containers from Target are great for sidewalk chalk, matchbox cars, crayons, hair ties, nails, screws, sooooo many uses! I am sure I haven't even begun to touch on all of the ways to repurpose household items, but this is my starting point. What do you re-use? I would love to hear some more practical ideas from my friends! 

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