Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vegan Zucchini Boats {Vegan Dinner Ideas}

I had in my possession half of a zucchini and no clue what to do with it! I wanted to make this a completely vegan dish, so after compiling various recipes I had seen online, I came up with this ~

I cut my zucchini in half and scooped out all of the seeds 

After prepping my boats, I placed them skin-side-down into a shallow pot of boiling water. As I waited, 
I measured out about a quarter cup of organic canned corn, organic canned black beans and I diced a medium tomato using my Vidalia Onion Chopper. Once my zucchini was done boiling (about 3 minutes) I drizzled about a teaspoon of EVOO over them and sprinkled with just a pinch of Chili Powder. I then took my veggie mix and filled my boats. 

I decided I was going to need some "meat" so I found these AWESOME Vegan Veggie Burgers made by Sweet Earth. 

I crumbled a half of a patty up and put it on top of my concoction. I then broiled for about 5 minutes in my toaster oven. 

Then I noticed the toppings were drying out a bit, so I removed them and covered them up like a baked potato. 

Bake covered on 400* for about 30 minutes and done!! 

Super delicious and super easy Vegan meal!! If you need a little more, serve with a side of quinoa! Let me know if you give this a try! 

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