Friday, September 5, 2014

What Can You Eat on 21 Day Fix

Well, really, the list is quite extensive so I am going to just try to break it down by some of the foods I eat and also I will attach a short YouTube video that I recorded yesterday that explains how I do some of my meal prep.

Today's post-workout meal:

Whole wheat toast - 1 slice - 1 yellow container (I get 2 yellow containers per day) 

2 egg whites - 1 red container (you don't have to omit yolks - 2 large eggs with yolk are 1 red and I get 4 red containers per day) 

Black beans - about half of a yellow container (leaving me about another half of yellow container for the day) 

Tomato - half of a green container (I get 3 daily) 

Fruit - 1 purple container (I get 2 of those daily) 

Almond butter one teaspoon (I get 2 daily) 

I find with this program that planning ahead is crucial for your success. Here are some tips and how I prep when I get home from the grocery store. 

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