Friday, January 30, 2015

Simple, Surprisingly Delicious Green Smoothie

I have never done homemade smoothies before because I feared that the Magic Bullet didn't have the power I needed to really pulverize the greens. I gagged at the thought of getting a leaf in my mouth 😝 

Today, I was preparing to make my shakeology and a thought I'd try adding spinach to it - but then I got an even better idea ( I didn't know it was better at the time) I decided to attempt a smoothie. I read about them all the time. We plan on buying a vitamix so that we can do smoothies. I've just never had everything I needed all at the same time as a desire to try it. The stars must have aligned in my favor today, baby, because it was brilliant! 

I have always read that you need to start with a base. That can be:

Yogurt (Greek or whatever you prefer)
Almond Milk
Cow's Milk
Coconut Milk
Coconut Water 

I've always ready that bananas are good for texture and you need a juicy, flavorful fruit if you want a fruity smoothie as well. 

Then, for the health benefits, add some greens! 

My particular recipe was as follows:

🔸Siggi's Strawberry Yogurt (it was all I had) 
🔸a splash of cows milk (I will in the future use Almond or Coconut but it was all I had) 
🔸Organic Banana
🔸Cascadian Farms Organic Sliced Peaches (I like frozen for the cold factor) 
🔸Organic Baby Spinach (I used half of a plastic container - I didn't measure but I refilled the bullet 3 times) 

The first load looked like this - 

After this was blended up, the cup was less than half full. I tasted it and it was very sweet. I knew that it could use some more spinach without tasting too leafy.

Filled it one more time after this and the final product looked like this:

Please excuse the heart socks and banana peel 😂😂 

Moral of the story is this - I've made tons of changes in my nutrition (never use the word diet) but I am always learning new things and trying new things. I honestly can't believe I haven't done this sooner. Stay tuned because I may just turn into a smoothie making machine! Seriously though, how awesome is it that I just ate like an entire salad's worth of spinach! I would have eaten the banana and yogurt sometime throughout the day anyway! 


I saw this posted on Instagram just now a few hours after this post. It's a great reference point on how to build a smoothie from

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