Friday, January 16, 2015

Things To Eat When Eating Clean

One of my favorite ways to get clean snack ideas is from The Berry app. I like to look through the Daily Motivation and get ideas for clean snacks. Here are some delicious things I've whipped up this week to fuel my body! 

This is 100% Whole Wheat toast made by a local bakery. It's based in Kansas City and is made from minimal ingredients (Whole Wheat, Water, Honey, Wheat Gluten *gasp, yes, gluten* Sea Salt, Canola Oil, and Yeast to be exact) I'm super picky about my bread and I absolutely LOVE this kind and I buy nothing else. I used some organic peanut butter, organic bananas, and a Teaspoon of whole chia seeds. This provided carbs for energy before my workout and protein to help build the muscles I am working also fiber and potassium 👍 be cautious of caloric intake though as this was about 300 calories after it was all said and done. I knew I'd burn more than that on my ride and is needed fuel. 

This was WAY more filling than I expected and at a mere 143 calories it was a perfect snack. I used 5 organic strawberries (you don't see all of them here. I actually had to put the majority in a separate bowl and I added them in as I ate this down) I have a Vidalia Chop Wizard that i used to get them so perfectly cut in hardly no time. Lastly, your choice in yogurt is very important. All yogurt is NOT created equal (the same can be said about all food, really) make sure to read your labels and make sure you aren't eating things you don't recognize. Avoid high fructose corn syrup, anything that ends in "isolate" or any words like "modified" ingredients shouldn't need to be modified. If it's made in a lab, you need a lab to digest it. This brand is one of my favorites (another is Chobani) and these are the ingredients listed: 

Be very suspicious of products that are flavored like fruit but the actual fruit isn't an ingredient. This sounds like a no-brainer but you'd be surprised how much food out there claims to be "Blueberry" that contains NOOOOO blueberries. If this doesn't freak you out, IT SHOULD! Mostly because the ingredient used to give food a blueberry flavor is Propylene glycol. It's really super cool if you like a compound that can be used as a sweetener in food AND anti-freeze in your RV 😳 (I hope you can feel the sarcasm dripping off that last sentence. If not, you're on the wrong blog) 

Also be suspicious of anything that said its "flavored" I see this a lot in candy with chocolate or peanut butter. I have a sweet tooth and I love me some sugar (hence the constant life-struggle with my weight) but I've noticed a few of my old throw-back treats being prime suspect in what I consider to be SUPER MISLEADING marketing. Like, "Chocolate Flavored Spread" would at one point in my life been like, BOOM! YUM! SOLD! Now that I'm more aware of wording on labels it freaks me out. I WANT CHOCOLATE! Not a substance flavored to be like chocolate. 

Just some thoughts I wanted to share. I know the struggle is real and it's not easy for me either but I tend to forget that people don't have the knowledge I possess. I am not claiming to know everything but if I can help spread a little knowledge that helps to improve just one person's health then I'm happy. 

Lastly, I know it's not easy to eat clean 24/7. My husband's absolute favorite meal ever is pizza. He could literally eat pizza multiple times a day, every day and he would be happy. This love has been passed down to the ol kiddos and I must admit, I love me some pizza as well. I mean, WHO DOESNT?! Well, this is my secret for pizza night. BALANCE! 

If you don't like broccoli, fine. Find another GREEN veggie and eat AT LEAST a cup of it. I hate salad, so you won't find it much here but if salad is your thing, great! Have a big'un and THEN eat your slice.... Wait wha??? Yes. I said eat the veggies first! Fill up on the good stuff and then have your pizza! 

At least you aren't missing out! It's always better to have some greens than none! 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope these tips have proven to be useful! Follow me on Instagram for my most current (and probably terribly uninteresting) tips or just follow my journey. Let me know if I've encouraged you at all! That's basically my favorite thing to hear ever and if you have any questions or need help getting your health back on track, reach out!!

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