Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Triathlon Training Begins


And so it begins. I've openly said it. There is no turning back now.... I've officially starting training for my first mini-triathlon. I attended the First-Timers Workshop where they split us up into groups and we had an hour mini-workshop for each sport. Running, swimming, then Cycling (which isn't the order of the triathlon, that was just the order of our rotation) and out of the 3, I was most concerned for running. I envisioned them timing sprints in a parking lot or something crazy but we just went over stretching and drills. It was the swimming that got me. I keep forgetting just how much time has ACTUALLY passes since I was in a situation that I needed to legitimately swim. I took lessons every summer when I was a kid until I couldn't go any higher and I life guarded the year after I graduated from High School so I fancied myself to be quite the experienced swimmer. When divided into "beginner, intermediate, and advanced" levels of swimming, I sached my way right over to the advanced lane. She said, "how do you breathe when you Freestyle?" Uhhhhh.... Wat? I thought freestyle meant swim however you like... Well, that's NOT what it means and clearly the answer to her question was just "no" I don't breathe when I swim freestyle because I haven't swam freestyle for at least 20 years!!!!! I've pretty much been sailing by on a doggy paddle for quite some time now. The one good thing that came of that experience is that I have a better expectation for the flow of the day and I know I need some real practice on swimming which I thought I might be able to skimp on. 


Which brings us to this morning.... After confirming that swimming needed some work, I decided to take the only available triathlon swim conditioning in the area. This just so happens to ONLY be available on Tuesdays and Thursday's at 5:45am - 6:45am. I knew I didn't have a choice. If I wanted to be successful, I needed to fine tune this portion of the race. At least (thanks to YouTube) now I know what a breast stroke and a freestyle swim should vaguely look like. I feel like this day provided many opportunities for growth. We were given different distances to swim using various excersizes in breathing, technique, and counting strokes. I really benefitted from a drill where we hold a wedge between our knees and use only our arms to pull us. I tend to sink my lower half a lot more than I need to and this drill helped me keep my butt up higher where it needed to be. The kick board was hard for me. I think it really shows the areas that I need to focus on and pay attention to form. Swimming was always just fun for me, this gives me so much insight and respect for swimmers! The good news is this though, I'm better today than I was when I started this morning and much better than I was at that workshop a couple of weeks ago. 


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