Saturday, January 23, 2016

21 Day Fix (also Hammer & Chisel) Approved Southwest Seasoning

Currently, I am doing the Hammer & Chisel workouts, but the nutrition element remains pretty similar to 21 Day Fix as far as the things that you should be eating to stay within the nutrition guidelines. Since Hammer & Chisel is such a new program, you might search for "21 Day Fix Approved" recipes when looking for ideas! I am personally LOVING Hammer & Chisel!! My husband and I have Body Beast and we really enjoyed having Sagi as our trainer and I knew that putting him together with Autumn Calbrese was truly genius on the part of Beachbody!! Her nutrition plan for 21 Day Fix (from here on referenced as 'The Fix') really shook things up and SIMPLIFIED the way people look at how they eat!!

I am one of those people that will be willing to try some of these veggie-laden recipes that I might have scoffed at before if it's seasoned well. I am also the type of person who can be found most frequently at Mexican restaurants when eating out. So, naturally, a Southwest seasoning recipe had to be whipped up immediately upon starting to eat within the guidelines of The Fix and H&C. So, why not just BUY Southwest seasoning? Because you have absolutely no control over the ingredients. This is also something that just takes minutes to whip up, so, why not give your body something that you can trust and doesn't take up much of your time?

TIP- Also, if you like to save a buck - Look for a local grocery/market that sells spices in bulk!! I paid less than a dollar for the ones I bought and the rest I had at home! I also made a double recipe, because I had the extra, feel free to cut this recipe in half if you'd like! Make sure to save old spice containers so that you can store your homemade seasonings!! I will be storing mine in a small tupperware container but will be saving spice jars from here on out.

This recipe is from the Beachbody 21 Day Fix Nutrition Guide 

So, without any further ado, here is the Southwest Seasoning, Fix Approved!

Southwest Seasoning 
2T Chili Powder 
4t Ground Cumin
2t Ground Coriander 
1t Onion Powder
1t Garlic Powder
1t Oregano (I used Mexican Oregano because it was available)
1t Paprika (I used Hungarian Paprika because it was available)
2t Sea Salt (my sea salt is in a grinder blended with Himalayan Salt)

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl and store in an old spice container! 

This recipe is from the Beachbody 21 Day Fix Fitness Program Nutrition Guide Booklet. Add me as a friend on Facebook. Order the 21 Day Fix on sale with Shakeology for only $160.. Need to order the colored containers? Order here. Do you have someone helping Coach you through the 21 day fix? If not, sign up for free coaching and a meal plan from me. Make sure to email me at as well.

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